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Legends of the Triangels
Origin: Italy
Background: In ancient Greek mythology, the little angel Cupid has two arrows, one is gold and one is silver. The gold arrow is used to create fate between two mortals, and the silver arrow is used to destroy fate. However, due to the playful nature of the Cupid, he sent out the silver arrow to destroy fate for fun. The Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, does not want any fate/destiny to be destroyed, so she sent out this Triangel, love/fate angel to lead fate to mortals.
Usage:To protect love and bring good fate It symbolizes the Guardian Angel of Love.
The doll's head, hands and foots are made by high quality porcelain while the facial part of the doll is made by hand. The limbs of the doll can be twisted into any direction. Each product is handcrafted with sophisticated design.
Story of this doll:The Triangel originated from a famous Italian allusion. In the times of ancient Rome, there was a kindhearted lady falling in love with a young man who was witched to be indifferent to the lady. The lady was so depressed and sit in front of the window crying day and night. Finally, her love had touched the Gods. They sent the Triangel to the lady which could make the witch appear in front of the young man. The young man realized that his true love was the lady and they fell in love again!
Now, in Italy, girls like to place their Triangels in their rooms and let the Triangels bless them. Do you want to have the taste of true love? This Triangel will bless you and your beloved. It is a superb gift to keep or to give as a present to your sweetheart