Get your creative cogs whirring

8:58 PM

Design isn't actually about design. It isn't wholly about creativity, style, skill or innovation. For the consumers and the clients of the work you create, the main part of what you do~ and what they see - is the idea.Because without an idea, design is simply art.
Design as opposed to art, is the lubricant that helps spread your idea.It can be extremely well executed, it can use every feature found in your creative weapon of choice, it can be broadcast across a range of media.But, the idea is what forms the heart of any idea.
But nailing down an idea can be tough.Before a morning caffeine fix, they're as slippery as eels, and even afterwards chasing that eureka moment can be hard.
Tackle the ideas head on, find the inspirations and get your creative cogs whirring.

Ben Shaper - Watchworks