Kimberley French "surface revisted"

9:45 PM

"I began making the photographs I call "surface" five years ago and this body of work continues to evolve. Within cityscapes and landscapes, I attempt to capture that elusive light, the ethereal image that strikes a visceral cord in me. The inclusion of movement is a crucial element in my work, emphasizing vivid overall effects rather than details using techniques such as blur, reflection and large grain. The images do not look like traditional photographs; they are rather like paintings. My tools are both 35mm film and digital cameras."
- Kimberley French

Kimberley French is one of Canada's leading still photographers. Her images from movie sets have been seen around the world. Among her notable work were all images from the acclaimed "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Assassination of Jesse James." She is currently working in Vancouver on "New Moon," the second film in the Twilight saga.

A native of Gander, Newfoundland, French moved to Calgary in 2003 after growing up in British Columbia in the Kootenay region and in Vancouver. Her passion for photography was ignited at the age of seven when her grandmother gave her an Instamatic camera.

French loves the art of photography. Her personal work, which is emphatically on display in this exhibition, gives her the freedom to display her own visions, differing from her feature film work, where she specializes in capturing the visions of world-class directors.